About Schuyler Companies

tough rubber bumpers

We design and manufacture a rubber fender product specifically designed for the tough environment of barge industrial docks and piers. Although Schuyler is new to Maritime International, the company has over 50 years of experience in the fender business within this application.

Our bumpers are designed to handle the abuse of barging facilities where berthing is rough and irregular. The additional benefit that our fenders offer is that they are a 100% recycled product. Our rubber is made from post consumer waste tire material that would have otherwise been put into landfills.

Our clients appreciate the environmentally friendly product that actually works better than other comparable fenders (typically wood timbers). They simply last longer and are practically maintenance free.

We look forward to exploring any opportunities to assist you with design and costing of a fender system for your next project.

Schuyler Companies is a subsidiary of marine fender manufacturer, Maritime International, Inc and was created to offer clients a new fender alternative for specific abusive industrial environments.