Schuyler Companies

tough rubber bumbers

For more than 50 years, Schuyler Companies have been a leader in the marine fender business. We design and manufacture rubber bumpers specifically crafted for the most abusive marine environments, like those of barge docking facilities.

Irregular barge hulls and unpredictable berthing methods inflict severe wear and tear on traditional wood timbers, resulting in high maintenance costs and short life spans. Schuyler Companies' rubber bumpers provide an affordable, low maintenance, long-lasting alternative to wood timbers.

Schuyler Companies' laminated rubber bumpers are manufactured to stand up to the most adverse conditions in the world. They are recognized as the most rugged and durable fenders available. Our fenders have been subjected to laboratory performance and abrasion tests (see last section of catalog) for proven field durability. They can be mounted to steel beams, sheet piles, wood or concrete structures by bolted or welded installation means.

No other type dock protection can match the durability and maintenance free performance of these bumpers.

Schuyler Companies' laminated rubber bumpers are manufactured from 100% recycled tire material. We've taken materials that would otherwise be land filled, and turned them into the most durable, long lasting fenders available in the market today. Environmentally conscious companies know that our fenders are the only 'green' alternative to traditional wood timber bumpers, and molded rubber fenders; both of which consume precious natural resources. Do your part to help the world 'go green', use Schuyler Companies' laminated bumpers for your dock or pier.

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