Our Model 153 pile wrap fenders are a recycled product manufactured from heavy duty rubber material. This material and manufacturing process forms the most robust, durable fender in the world.

  • Model 153 Fenders are manufactured in pre-curved units ready to install. Fenders can be hung prior to pile driving to save field time.
  • Various attachment configurations available - bolt or weld on.
  • Unlike molded rubber or wood timbers, tough plies of reinforced rubber eliminate chipping.
  • Size and softness (solid or SR3D-2) varies to satisfy particular design requirements.
  • Vertical or horizontal mounting.

Pile Fender Details

Pipe Pile Fender Mounting Details

Pile Fender Type A Weld-on
Type A Weld-on

Pile Fender Type B Weld-on
Type B Bolt-on

Pile Fender Type C Straps/Pipe Hinge
Type C Straps/Pipe Hinge

Pile Fender Detail Weld-on
Detail Weld-on

Pile Fender Detail Bolt-on
Detail Bolt-on

Pile Fender Detail Straps/Pipe Hinge
Detail Straps/Pipe Hinge