Laminated Rubber Fenders Spec Chart

Solid type laminated rubber fenders are perfect for dock applications that do not require energy absorption but rather a rugged, abrasion resistant surface. These fenders are very well suited for barge dock operations where a durable, long lasting rubbing surface is needed.

  • Model 115 Fenders are manufactured and designed for quick and reliable installation in the field.
  • Various attachment configurations available - bolt or weld on.
  • Unlike molded rubber or wood timbers, tough plies of reinforced rubber eliminate chipping.
  • Size and softness (solid or SR3D-2) varies to satisfy particular design requirements.
  • Vertical or horizontal mounting.

Type A Weldless FenderType A

  • Countersink style with prepunched through-ways
  • Fender is positioned into I-beam with attachment bolts passing through I-beam or channel and prepunched through-ways in fender

Type C Countersink FenderType C

  • Through rods are countersunk and welded into flat bar rather than nutted
  • Fender is welded into existing channel

Type E Extender FenderType E

  • Securing flatbar extends over steel or concrete box structure for welding or bolting

Type B Standard FenderType B

  • Securing flatbar welded directly to steel fascia

Type D Angle FenderType D

  • Securing flatbar welded directly to steel fascia

Type F Clamp FenderType F

  • Steel clamps secure fender to backside of I-beam